In compliance with article 10 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE), the identifying data of M. Y. J. A. Dos Justos S.L ..

Company name: M. Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L.

Tax identification number: B54217955

Registered office: Avda. De Onil, 105 03420 Castalla – Alicante

Email: Phone: +34 965 56 14 13

This website has been created by M. Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L. with informative character and for the personal use of the users. Through this Legal Notice, it is intended to regulate the access and use of this website, as well as the relationship between the website and its users. By accessing this website, the following terms and conditions are accepted.

The simple access to this website does not imply any kind of commercial relationship between M. Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L. and the user.

The access and navigation on this website implies accepting and knowing the legal warnings, conditions and terms of use contained therein.

The owner of the website may offer services or products that may be subject to specific conditions that, depending on the case, substitute, complete and / or modify these conditions, and about which the user will be informed in each specific case.

Intellectual property.

The source code, the graphic designs, the images, the photographs, the sounds, the animations, the software, the texts, as well as the information and the contents that are collected in the name of M. Y. J. A. Dos Justos S.L. are protected by Spanish legislation on intellectual and industrial property rights in favor of the corporate name of M. Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L. and the reproduction and / or publication, total or partial, of the website, nor its computer processing, its distribution, its dissemination, or its modification, transformation or decompilation, or other rights legally recognized to its owner, without the permission prior and in writing thereof, MYJA DOS JUSTOS SL

The user, only and exclusively, may use the material that appears on this website for personal and private use, being prohibited its use for commercial purposes or to incur in illicit activities. All rights derived from intellectual property are expressly reserved by M. Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L ..

Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L. will watch over the compliance of the above conditions as well as the proper use of the contents presented in its web pages, exercising all civil and criminal actions that correspond to it in the case of infringement or breach of these rights by the user.


Access as a user

For a user, the indication of certain registration data may be required. A necessary condition for using this website, services and documents in the published is that all registration data transmitted by the user are now and in the future correct, true and complete and correspond to the current situation.

You agree to communicate without delay to M. Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L .. all the modifications that refer to your registration. This communication should be addressed to the postal or email address of M. Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L. indicated on this website for this purpose.

Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L. has the right to deny the user access to this website and / or any of its resources, services and content of the site and, where appropriate, cancel or suspend the existing customer account, if it considers that the data is incorrect, inactive or incomplete or if it considers for other reasons, at its discretion, such appropriate measures.

Passwords and Customer data.

It is the responsibility of the user to keep the secret about his password, the account numbers and other existing data, as well as all the activities carried out with respect to the user’s account. All possible unauthorized uses of the user’s account or other security infractions must be communicated immediately to M. Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L. Your access data is valid exclusively for you and you are not authorized to disclose the name of your account, your ID or your password to other people or to make these available to you. Any disclosure of the denomination of your account and your password by you, may result in the cancellation of your access and the responsibilities derived from it will be assumed exclusively by you.

Permitted and prohibited uses of this website.

Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L. grants the user a limited authorization to access this website and its content as well as its exploitation as a support resource and communication only for the purposes determined on this website, provided that all the indications of the intellectual property and of the protected rights (if any) regarding the content of the website.
All other uses of the website, including use for purposes other than those mentioned above, as well as the modification, distribution, transmission and download of the site (with the exception of page caching), the new publication or Reverse Engineering, without authorization. previously and written by, MYJA DOS JUSTOS SL they are prohibited (provided that such prohibition is not excluded according to the applicable legislation). The authorization for the use of the website does not include, without limitation, commercial exploitation or distribution of the content of the website, the registration of any lists, descriptions or prices of products, supports or services, as well as for the derivative use of this site. web or content of the website (including framing), the downloading or copying of information for the benefit of other merchants, any use of data mining tools, robots or similar for the registration and extraction of data, any use of content of the website in any environment of the website, server or computers included in a network, or the use of website content that suggests a relationship with products, support or services, MYJA DOS JUSTOS SL

No garantías sobre toda la información contenida.

  1. Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L. se compromete a través de este medio a NO REALIZAR PUBLICIDAD ENGAÑOSA. A estos efectos, por lo tanto, no serán considerados como publicidad engañosa los errores formales o numéricos que puedan encontrarse a lo largo del contenido de las distintas secciones de la web de M. Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L. producidos como consecuencia de un mantenimiento y/o actualización incompleta o defectuosa de la información contenida es estas secciones. M. Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L. como consecuencia de lo dispuesto en este apartado, se compromete a corregirlo tan pronto como tenga conocimiento de dichos errores. Si bien, M. Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L. ha procurado comprobar la exactitud, confiabilidad y actualidad de todo el contenido del sitio web, incluyendo – a título enunciativo y según corresponda – los datos sobre los productos, precios, características, servicios, soporte y otros, así como las descripciones recibidas de terceros, sin embargo, M. Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L. no da garantía alguna respecto a la exactitud de declaraciones de cualquier tipo, incluidas en este sitio web. Todos los materiales, productos, soporte, servicios o informaciones que contenga este sitio web o a los que se hace referencia en éste, pueden quedar anticuados. M. Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L..  no se compromete a actualizar constantemente el contenido del sitio web, M. Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L.  se exonera de cualquier responsabilidad por errores u omisiones de cualquier tipo en el contenido del sitio web (siempre que dicha exoneración no sea incompatible con las garantías y demás condiciones que en su caso se hayan establecido respecto a las ventas de productos o servicios de,  M. Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L. Cualquier decisión que se tome en base a informaciones incluidas en el contenido del sitio web (o de usuario) corresponde a la responsabilidad exclusiva del usuario.
  2. Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L. no asegura que las funciones o servicios en este sitio web o demás interacciones a través de éste estarán a disposición de manera continua, sin interrupciones, de forma segura y sin errores, o que todos los errores serán corregidos o que este sitio web o el server que lo pone a disposición estarán libres de virus u otros componentes nocivos. M. Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L.. no asumen responsabilidad alguna por cualesquiera daños o virus que deterioren o invadan su equipo de ordenadores o demás propiedad en consecuencia de su acceso a este sitio web o del uso de éste, incluyendo, a título enunciativo, de la descarga de imágenes, software o demás contenido del sitio web. En caso de que el contenido del sitio web genere alguna necesidad de servicio, reparación o corrección del equipo o de ficheros, todos los gastos producidos por ello serán soportados por el usuario.



Links with this website.

Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L .. can establish hyperlinks to other Internet websites or their resources. The acceptance of these links to this website comes only for complacency and does not imply that, M. Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L. accept the other website or any relationship with the operators thereof. M. Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L. asks users to use their own judgment when visiting the websites and external resources.
The relationships established by a user with any external websites run solely at their own risk.

Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L. has not verified the accuracy or reliability of the information on websites that are linked through links or accessed through this website or containing links to the website (-s) of, MYJA DOS JUSTOS SL does not support the contents, promotion, products, support, services or other materials that may be obtained in such websites or through them, assumes no responsibility for such materials. M. Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L. does not respond to the accuracy, compliance with copyright, legitimacy or decency of materials and information contained on the website, excluding any guarantee by them, which is implicitly included. M. Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L. does not assume any responsibility, direct or indirect, for any damages or losses caused or supposedly caused by the use of any content, products, support or services available on or through external websites or resources, or for the trust in them.
Use of session “cookies”.

In order to control the user’s session, the website, M. Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L. uses session cookies when browsing websites and web pages. Through these cookies, the system identifies the user, thus preventing the user from re-entering their ID and Password, while maintaining their personalizations, data related to their purchases in progress and other data of the account of M. Y. J. A. Dos Justos S.L. client. The cookies used can not read data from your hard drive. In these cookies are stored identifying codes of the established session and not of your person. The cookies used are not harmful and are only used during the user’s session.

Modifications to this website and these conditions.

Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L. You may at any time with or without prior notice make improvements and / or changes in the products, features, support, services, programs, prices and / or other content of the website.
Y. J. A. DOS JUSTOS S.L. can announce the modifications of these conditions (or other contents of the website) through its presentation on this website or through other means of communication. The users who access this website, after having introduced in it said modifications or new conditions and having communicated them in other ways, are obliged to comply with them once these are published on the website or communicated by other means, even in the case that the user does not access the page, in which the modifications or new conditions are presented.

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